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Innovative interactive monitoring, control and automation digital signage systems.

Prodigy Display Node technology enables data and information you want to monitor to be networked and displayed on monitors, large format TV screens or projectors wherever it is required.

Display important information wherever it is needed.Full colour, fully customisable displays.
information displays

Whatever you want to display..

  • Events, times, actions, counts,
  • Pressure/Flow/Temperature/Humidity/Levels
  • Environmental – Humidity, temperature, pressure
  • Energy & Utility Usage – Water, gas, steam, compressed air, waste water
  • Materials Usage and Storage – Tanks, Silos, Bins
  • Alarms
  • Databases – Access, SQL

You can also..

  • Access live or recorded data on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Generate reports for printing or storing to pdf.
  • Generate reports automatically and email to those who need them – ideal for those regular meetings
  • Analyse the data
  • Trend the data over any period
and much more..

industrial information displayReal-Time Information Displays

Display Node utilises readily available and low cost flat screen TV’s, monitors or projectors to provide full colour animated displays of the important data you want to distribute – all live in real time.

Prodigy software connects to whatever you want to monitor to capture, record the raw data and process it to generate displays, reports, alarms and analysis.

MS Powerpoint and web pages can also be displayed allowing custom messages to be shown.

Display Node is PC based and can be stand alone or multiple Display Nodes can be networked from a central server PC allowing any number of screens to be used wherever they are required.

Each Display Node can generate one static or several scrolling information screens with information specific to where it is located.

Connect one or more TV's, monitors or projectors to each Display Node (to show the same information)

Full colour interactive animation (visibility, position, size, colour, font etc) updated in real time.

Just some of the possible uses..

  • Facilities Monitoring 
  • Control Rooms
  • Andon Call Request Boards
  • Engineering Test Cells
  • Factory automation
  • Access Control
  • Production control
  • Process visualization
  • Interactive Warning Signage
  • Accident, Health and Safety messaging
  • Process Engineering
  • Energy and Environmental Monitoring
If you have a possible application call +44 (0) 1642 370666 for an informal discussion about how we can help.