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A system designed to take automatic control of the wort boiling process in a brewery so that an increase in consistency could be achieved and savings could be made in steam usage.

Automated wort boiling

Automated wort boiling


Key Benefits


Automated Wort Boiling Control


  • Improvement in product consistency
  • Reduction in steam usage (10 to 20%)
  • Optimised boil time to increase throughput
  • Unlimited brew quality recipes

Brew quality recipes were created based on a change in specific gravity over a defined boil time period. They include acceptable underboil tolerances and when insufficient steam is available, reboil time periods. For any batch run the operator can select and view the required recipe and enter the gyle number for the batch.

The system then controls the boiling process according to the recipe using a pair of linked software PID controllers, one for temperature and one for energy. At the end of the process, the results are stored into an Microsoft Access compatible database under the gyle name for later review by the management.

The system also has a facility for reminding the operator when to make hops, finings and caramel additions to the copper.

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