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wireless scada systemProdigy supports a range of radio telemetry hardware allowing wireless SCADA systems to be implemented in just about any location.

Need to pass data over long distances? Is cable installation a problem? Telemetry removes the need for cable installation by transmitting data by radio.

Some reasons for using radio telemetry for wireless SCADA systems include;

Remote or Inaccessible Sites

The logistics and cost of using cables over long distances to remote or inaccessible sites can often make systems unviable.

Sensitive Sites

In laboratories, clean rooms etc. installing cables will usually cause contamination of the areas with added costs for clean up plus disruption to work in progress during installation and clean up. Radio telemetry units which are compact and self contained can be installed without mess or disruption.

In public buildings such as museums and galleries cable installation can cause disruption with areas needing to be closed off whilst work is in progress. Contamination of exhibits and security issues can also cause further disruption and costs. There will normally be further costs involved with redecoration.

temporary installations
Warwick Wireless X8100 transceiver

In 'listed' buildings (buildings of architectural importance) there can be planning restrictions to protect the fabric of the building which makes the installation of cables difficult and costly.

Temporary Installations

Where systems are installed temporarily, on a trial basis or moved from one area to another it can be advantageous to use radio telemetry. Not only does it remove the cost of cables and installation but the telemetry units can be easily reused and relocated as often as necessary.

Prodigy offers options for wireless SCADA systems using radio telemetry for all these situations.

For data communication over shorter distances, typically 300 metres to 1 kilometre, Prodigy can be used with the Signatrol SL400 radio telemetry system. You can read more about it here. Detailed information on the Signatrol SL400 can be seen at their website

With line of site distances up to 1000 metres WiSensys offer a range of base stations and sensors for temperature, humidity, analogue and digital signals. Full information including datasheets are at

tascomp wireless SCADA
Hanwell rl2000 radiologger

For data communication up to 2 miles over open ground Prodigy can be used with Hanwell radio telemetry hardware. Hanwell rl2000 RadioLog transmitters are designed to provide customised, adaptable control when used in combination with the cr-1 control system. Visit the Hanwell website for more information

For data communication over longer distances, typically 1km to 20 km, Warwick Wireless provide a range of radio telemetry hardware compatible with Prodigy. Detailed information on Warwick Wireless hardware can be seen at their website

An example application can be found here - wireless SCADA for effluent treatment plant monitoring

If you have questions regarding the use of Prodigy for wireless SCADA systems with radio telemetry hardware please contact us. 

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