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MEDACS logoWhen Status Instruments wanted a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) package to complement their new MEDACS II range of signal conditioning units they looked closely at a wide range of manufacturers products.

Rather than provide a SCADA package with limited functionality Status Instruments wanted to offer their customers a "future proof" solution. The requirement for cost effective software that was both easy to use and upgrade lead them to chose Tascomp, developers of class leading Prodigy SCADA package, to provide their M-SCADA software.

Based on a special configuration of Prodigy it is available in two versions M-SCADA Lite and M-SCADA Pro. M-SCADA Lite is an entry level SCADA package for simple monitoring systems. Providing animated mimics, real-time and historic trending, alarm handling and system security, typical uses will include the replacement of fixed mimic displays, multi-pen chart recorders and dedicated alarm panels.

M-SCADA Pro builds on the Lite package by adding the ability to create data entry forms, handle recipes, provide on-line plant maintenance and write specific sequence language programs.

As system requirements grow it is easy to upgrade from M-SCADA Lite to M-SCADA Pro and on to the full features of Prodigy. By simply installing a new license, the additional facilities will be enabled. The original system configuration will still be valid and the license can even be installed while the system is running.

Prodigy's comprehensive facilities include SMS text messaging, web upload, down time monitoring, SPC etc. as well as unlimited system size and a range of networking options for remote access and connectivity.

Therefore, you can start with an M-SCADA Lite monitoring system and expand right up to a complete Prodigy supervisory control system, safe in the knowledge that your initial development work will not go to waste.